Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ASA 8.3 part 2 - webvpn

Stuck at the airport - flight delayed. So I might as well write a bit more about my findings on ASA 8.3.

This time I'm going to talk about webvpn.

Frankly speaking webvpn is the only reason why you should consider 8.3.

Here are my highlights:
- Finally! you can smart tunnel your home page (without any hacks and tricks), downside to this - no webvpn toolbar, java needed, only windows and mac support for smart tunnel.
- A very extended OS/Browser support list, check out:
- Smart tunnel notification (now this might have been there before, but I noticed it just now)
When you enable smart tunneling (on both mac and windows) a notification icon can appear:
- Auto signon for smart tunnel:
The functionality is there but please be aware it has very limited scope.
- You'll be also (pleasantly?) surprised by the new way one can customize their webvpn portal.

- A very "important" change in webvpn config guide regarding APCF:
"Cisco TAC may help with APCF to address specific rendering issues if the smart tunneling feature is not working or cannot be used."

Things still to be addressed, from top of my head - webvpn cache "memory leak":

And here's the complete config guide:

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